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Through study, we'll assist you appreciate your best qualities. In our products, we only employ the finest, most efficient ingredients. To that end, we will welcome people of all backgrounds, sex identities, sexual orientations, and ages, and we will hire and design for all demographics. We'll treat the planet with the same care we'd give your hair.
Experience-driven. Science-backed.
In any case, we hope that the combination of coconut and vanilla will inspire you to take care of your hair and give it a new look. With the help of our in-house research team, we are constantly developing new formulas that meet the stringent safety standards and ingredient needs of both the spa and the salon.
Our ingredients are what set us apart.
See why we bother including the ingredients, like Moroccan argan oil, coconut milk, tea tree mint, and shea, on the bottle? No harsh chemicals that can harm your hair's integrity or dry it out are used in our products. These substances are not present in OGX.

Soaps with sulfated surfactants

Free of Parabens, Microbeads, Formaldehyde, and Phthalates

Products without silicone and without artificial colours can be found.

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Where should I buy ogx shampoo?

Here at

What is the price of ogx shampoo in UAE?

The pirce can be upto 50 AED.

Is ogx shampoo the best?

The majority of customers agree that OGX is the best shampoo on the market. Natural ingredients are used in the production of their goods, and they avoid the use of harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates. The best part is that you may pick a shampoo that is tailor-made to your exact hair type or problem area. Keratin protein and argan oil in OGX's Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo help prevent hair from becoming damaged. This shampoo will help prevent hair damage from heat styling and brushing, as well as split ends and hair loss, allowing for healthier, longer hair growth.