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Aveeno®, a brand that has been around for decades, uses natural ingredients that are calming and nutritious for the skin to treat even the most delicate skin types.
Like human skin, Earth has its vulnerabilities and needs special attention. Because of this, we pay close attention to the details of the plans we produce. Everything from picking food from responsible farms to cutting down on waste. We commit to continue doing our part, learning and improving, as we continue this adventure together! It's a game-changer when you finally love the flesh you're in. It's as if all at once you've been given a sense of strength, hope, and confidence you never knew you possessed before. Because of this, our products are made to restore harmony to your skin while also positively impacting your health in more profound ways. Our extensive line of products is created with natural components to help restore, renew, and protect your skin every day, no matter what your skin type is or what your skin care condition may be.

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What is the price of aveeno daily moisturizing lotion?
The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is an exceptionally hydrating lotion that can be used on dry skin. During the summer months, I use it in the evenings, and during the winter months, I use it throughout the day. It does a great job of moisturising my skin, giving it a texture that is smooth and supple as a result. It unquestionably enhances the complexion and overall health of the skin over time. The price of the product is AED 200.
Is aveeno a good brand?
In general, the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is an excellent product that can be purchased at a reasonable cost. Because it has a tendency to leave the skin feeling fairly hydrated, I would advise anyone with dry skin to avoid using it (or as a winter product, perhaps). In general, it's a department store staple, and I don't see myself giving it up in the near future. Because of the components, Aveeno is not even close to being natural and does not meet the requirements to be considered a skin-nourishing product. As part of an all-encompassing skin care routine, I recommend to patients that they avoid using it and instead go for true natural alternatives that will help to repair and nourish the skin instead.
Where to buy aveeno products UAE?
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